About Us!

I’m just a dude who likes to review things. Some people would call this ‘judging’, hence part of the name of this site. My name is Colton, and I’ll be joined sometimes on my blog by my partner in crime, Morgan. He’s a bit of a judging character as well.

We’re primarily here to find an outlet to talk about, bash, or praise just about everything that we can think of. Things like people, electronics, celebrities, sports, and anything else under the sun. You name it, we probably have an opinion on it. We’re brothers, and fortunately like to travel a lot because of our rich father and his loot that he left us (Thanks Dad!). We’re both high school graduates, and thinking about going to college soon, which will give us a bit more ammunition to review and judge!

We’re both originally from Cleveland Ohio, but have been moved around due to our Father’s job, which has sent him to many different places, landing us currently in Scottsdale, Arizona (It’s too dang hot in this place, as you can tell by the image captured on my phone below.)

Scottsdale Temp
It’s too hot here.


Notice the Real Feel is 100, but the temp only says 89? Yeah, that’s right, when it gets to the high of 102 later on today, that means the Real Feel should say ‘Melt your Skin’.

Anyway, we’re both excited that you’ve taken the time to visit our page of super review and judgeness. Don’t forget to leave your comments so we can react to what you say as well. We love banter, and it’s one of the chief things that drives us to review things

Keep up with our posts on the Home Page. See you all soon!