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We’ve been in Fort Collins going to school since late August here at Colorado State University, and since we’ve been getting acclimated to University life, neither of us have had much time to post much of anything since we started as freshmen living in Westfall Hall, which is one of the towers at CSU.

Going to college is tough enough as it is. Between all the demands on our schoolwork, Morgan and I have been inundated with trying to keep up with homework, going to class, searching for a home to live in next year, and all the while trying to maintain a shred of normalcy and meet some friggin people.

This last weekend was homecoming weekend, so Mom and Dad flew in from Scottsdale for the weekend to see campus, go to the football game, and pamper us a bit. They insisted that we have a nice dinner while they were here, and they even wanted to take some of our new friends out with us. Dad likes to break out the credit card a bit when he’s here, and loves to treat people to a nice meal. Since he offered, we went out to a nice dinner at Biaggi’s, which is in the Loveland mall. Mom wanted to do some shopping before hand, so we chose to go there instead of going somewhere just off campus in Old Town.

The football game was fun, but Mom got a little sick during the game, so they both left early and went back to the Armstrong Hotel, where they both were staying so they could get some rest before we went out to the Melting Pot for a nice family dinner on Saturday night. During dinner, Dad informed us that he would pay for our summer vacations to France if we got our grades up above a 3.5 for both semesters in our freshmen year. I’m currently at about a 3.9 (I’ve been studying my butt off), and Morgan’s sitting at about a 3.4, so he’s going to have to pick it up a bit.

His judgement of how we are living our college lives is pretty good at the moment. We don’t really like to drink much, call it a lesson learned from watching our Uncle Rick (our Dad’s brother) survive multiple relapses with alcoholism, and it being in our face pretty much all the time growing up. Dad had to be there for Rick emotionally and physically at times to help him deal with all the BS that he was going through getting sober, so Morgan and I don’t like to be around alcohol too much. My Mom enjoys a glass of wine with dinner just about every night, but she sticks with one, saying that a glass of Red wine per day is good for her. I don’t disagree, and I might get into beer or wine without getting very heavy into it hopefully. That gene is certainly in our family, so we have to be very careful how we tread around alcohol. We’re only 18 still, so although alcohol is around us all the time, and we often get judged by our college peers because we don’t party too much, we just shrug it off and go on with our lives.

Now that we’re both getting acclimated to college life, we can hopefully take a bit more time to come in here and share our feelings about how we’re doing with our classes, and get back to judging things like we love to do.

Below is a picture of the Oval at CSU. It’s on the east side of campus, and a pretty cool place to go and read when the weather is nice.

This is the Oval at CSU



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