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Our father is normally a pretty good judge of character. He sees the best in people and generally gives people the benefit of the doubt. He’s provided Morgan and I with the option of a full paid college education to the school of our choice, and just today said he was going to buy a house in Fort Collins, where (as you saw in this post), we will be attending school at Colorado State University.

Because he wants to empower us a bit to take care of our own lives, he said that he would provide the funding for the home that he buys, but he wants us to be involved heavily in finding the home. Since we’re teenagers, and have never purchased our own house before, we needed a bit of guidance from him on the steps to take. So, he came up with a list of five things to do, which are detailed below for us to do.

1. Read more about the Fort Collins area. More importantly, where is the best place for students to live, and why? We thought, naturally, that students would want to live close to campus. The benefits? Riding your bike to campus, and being able to enjoy everything without parking on campus, which we read can be an absolute pain.

2. Find something that has one to two more bedrooms than what we need. This is mainly because if we have one or more rooms to rent, then we have the ability to cover a bit of the mortgage payment and create a bit more money for ourselves.

3. Find a realtor. This was something that we needed a bit of help with, because this is probably the most important step. We’ve never worked with a realtor before, and don’t know what to look for. So, we asked our Dad for a bit of help. After a ton of research and speaking to several companies, we chose to go with Brad Sawatzky, who specializes in residential Real Estate in Fort Collins. We have spoken with Brad a couple of times, and let him know that we have a while to find a home since we’ll be living in the dorms our freshman year.

4. When we move in to the dorms, start talking to people who live in houses to find who has done the same thing (had family buy them a house). I didn’t think about this at all, but talking to someone that has done it before can really help in finding more about what we should be looking for.

5. Lastly, before buying a home, make sure that it’s what we want. Don’t settle with a house that we’re concerned with, or have questions about. Basically, he said don’t buy a lemon.

Our father is pretty much banking on the fact that we’re going to be in Fort Collins for at least 4 years, or for as long as it takes for us to graduate. We’re hoping the same, and that we’ll build a second, or permanent home in a new city.

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