The Do’s and Don’t of Fireworks on July 4th

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Since the July 4th Holiday just took place this last Saturday, Morgan and I discussed reviewing what we feel to be the right way to light off Fireworks.

Basically, everyone in any city (if your city is big enough), can go to a Fireworks show, and watch some pretty cool stuff happen after big balls of arranged gunpowder are exploded in the air. OR, you can go buy your own Fireworks and light them off yourself. The video below is an independent video from Hoboken, NJ, so if you live in NYC or the surrounding areas, this is what you could have seen this past Saturday…

That is an absolutely fantastic show, and something that each and every person should see once in their life (at least Fireworks in a big city).

We prefer blowing stuff up ourselves, but in order to do this the right way, you need a bit of careful planning. Some Do’s and Don’ts below. If you have any questions about these, just reach out below through the contact form.

Do- Make sure that you have a few people with you to light Fireworks off. This is for safety reasons, so if someone, like yourself, gets hurt, then they can either rush you to a hospital, or take preventive measures so you’re not permanently injured.

Don’t- Be a moron, and light things off while holding them. Most fireworks, Sparklers excluded, were meant to be placed on the ground and lit off with you backing away and shielding yourself from harm.

Do- Light Fireworks off on July 4th only. I read an interesting article the other day that I fully agree with, stating that Military veterans with PTSD expect Fireworks on that day, so they are prepared for it, and can either choose to not come close to them, or make it so they can not hear the explosions.

Don’t- Light off Fireworks after July 4th. Last night we heard a bunch of loud explosions that scared the absolute bejesus out of my parents dogs, and almost woke up the entire house at 10pm. The idiots who set these off surely didn’t think about the fact that there is a couple Army veterans that live on the adjacent street.

Do – Have light amounts of alcohol involved. So you can cheers your friends while lighting off fireworks.

Don’t – Get too hammered and think that lighting off fireworks while hammered is a good thing.

Do – Make sure you clean up after yourself. Nobody likes to see the carnage of your mortars sitting on the pavement or grass because you forgot to pick up after yourself.

Don’t- Light off fireworks in the Mountains where the fire danger is high. If you have any questions about fire danger, there are plenty of signs when you are driving in the mountains. We’re only 18, and we’re not that stupid.

We had a blast this last weekend, and lit off a ton of fireworks. We had some big mortars that went about 50 feet in the air, and had some pretty good colors and stuff that happened after they blew up.

Visit us next time when we discuss where we’re going to live when we move to Fort Collins in just under two months!

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