Reviewing NBA Free Agency!

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You know we’re from Cleveland right? If you didn’t know that About Us, well, now you know. That means that we’ve both been beaten down by several years of not winning a major sports championship. We weren’t actually alive in 1964 when the Browns won the last league wide title for a Cleveland sports team. This was 3 years before the Super Bowl was created, so there’s some that don’t even think this was legit, even though it certainly was.

The Browns won three championships in the ’50’s, but the Indians haven’t won a World Series since 1948.

Point being, if you are a major sports fan, and you’re from Cleveland, you’re either very depressed or have completely withdrawn from believing that one of our teams can actually win a title.

With the fact that LeBron James basically carried the Cavs to almost winning the NBA championship this year, we got a taste again of what it could be like, watching the Warriors celebrate on our home floor at Quicken Loans Arena. So close again, and not so far away, because if the Cavs had been healthy this time, most people think we would have had a much better shot at winning.

SO, as a result, we’re very interested in what’s going on right now in NBA Free Agency. Here’s a quick review, and some judgements about what players and teams have done so far.

(Disclaimer: this story could change very quickly, as the Free Agency period started about 48 hours ago, and the most important player in the world, LeBron James, hasn’t signed his contract yet.)

  • The Cavs re-signed Kevin Love to a max contract.
    • Our take on this is that they need him to be the best team in the NBA. The Cavs were at their best when Love was on the court last season, according to this article (courtesy ESPN)
  • This Lamarcus Aldridge saga is just getting dumber and dumber by the moment, but we can probably thank the media for that. He met with the Lakers, who said that they thought the meeting went well, only to hear that Aldridge was less than impressed with them, and now they are meeting a second time.
    • Our take: We bet he signs with the Spurs anyway, who are¬†apparently the front runner to do so
  • Teams are throwing money around like it’s going out of style. Demarre Carroll gets 4 years and 60 million smackers? Amazing what one good year can do to your value. I bet he has a terrible year in 2015-2016 now that he has all that guaranteed money in his pocket.
    • Our take: This happens all the time, every year in every sport. Teams reach for a good player hoping that they will cash in and said player will lead them to the playoffs and ultimately a championship. But it ain’t gonna happen for teams like the Raptors, Hawks, and Knicks.

Our prediction for the next 1-2 weeks:

  • Lebron James re-signs with the Cavs. This is a no-brainer. If he doesn’t, hell will freeze over, or at least the people of Cleveland will set the city on fire.
  • People realize that the Cavs and the Warriors will repeat as respective conference champions, setting up a series where Cleveland gets redemption and finally wins a major sports championship, leading to riots for a couple of days in Ohio.
  • DeAndre Jordan will re-sign with the Clippers, ending all of his posturing that he’s mad at not being the top dog in LA.

The rest of the world will realize that we just paid a whole bunch of nonsensical attention to all of this crap of NBA players being overpaid and not being good role models.

Next time, we’ll spend some time judging¬†the fact that Windows 10 is about to come out and the stupid price tag that they want to charge to obtain it.


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