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Hello, and welcome to Parking Judge. We like to judge all things. Some people would call what we do ‘reviewing’, but we like to call it judging. We’ve been judged our entire lives, and want to make sure we return the favor wherever we go!

This ain’t meant to be done in a bad way, so don’t take it like that.

First, Morgan and I just visited Colorado State University, where we both enrolled as Freshman for the fall 2015 semester. We have been sick and tired of living in Scottsdale for a while, so we thought Colorado would be a cool place to get away from the hot as balls temperature, and be able to learn how to snowboard while getting an education.

So, after being in Fort Collins with our family for a few days, here’s our initial review”

1. There’s not many college kids here at the moment, or at least not many on campus. From what we can tell, people here are pretty frickin cool, and we here ‘The Fort’ is a progressive city, which is what both of us are looking for. When we went out for most of our meals, we did get the hippie vibe, so we felt welcomed immediately.

2. This place is amazingly picturesque. Here’s a picture below that I took from the top of Horsetooth reservoir, which is West of CSU’s campus. The football stadium, which we here will no longer be the football stadium in a couple years, is just below the reservoir. We went on a little hike here and I was blown away by the beauty of it.

This is standing over a ledge, of which there were many on our hike. The reservoir extends about 3 miles along the top of Fort Collins and is pretty cool to look at.

3. This place is apparently going to grow by about 50,000 people in the next 7-8 years. According to a few magazines, it’s one of the most popular places to live in the United States of America, and has been on the uptick for over two decades. Every single person we spoke with said that they love it, and they won’t be leaving anytime soon.

4. Our Dad is looking for Real Estate to purchase, as a result of hearing about all the hoopla surrounding Fort Collins. Would be a wise investment since both Morgan and I are going to be attending College here.

5. We ate dinner at The Rio Grande Restaurant on the last night there, and the waitress informed us that Fort Collins has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the USA. Everywhere you look, there’s another place to eat or drink, which might not bode well for our manly girlish figures. Hopefully the Dorms have good food as well, because we’ll be living in a Dorm room for the first year.

6. CSU has a Club Baseball team, and since both Morgan and I both played baseball in High School, we think that we’ll go ahead and try out for the Club team. We could be in for a bit of a tough tryout, as they have won a few national titles in the past 15 years, so although they’re a club team, and not officially funded by the NCAA, they apparently are really good.

7. There’s a few really good breweries in this town. Our Dad’s first reaction: ‘Get your school work done first boys’. We’d probably be smart to heed his advice, considering he’s paying for our education.

8. Fort Collins is an epicenter for outdoor recreation. There’s a few world class athletes that train here on a consistent basis because of the elevation changes that it provides. Time to invest in a couple of kick-ass mountain bikes!

9. Last but not least, we’re both pretty excited to come out to school here. We had a few options on where to attend College, and wanted to make sure that we chose the right place. After visiting, we found that we both thought Fort Collins was really cool, and it would be a great place to live and try to educate ourselves.

We’ll see you next time, when we’ll have something else to review or judge.

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