Our father is normally a pretty good judge of character. He sees the best in people and generally gives people the benefit of the doubt. He’s provided Morgan and I with the option of a full paid college education to the school of our choice, and just today said he was going to buy a house in Fort Collins, where (as you saw in this post), we will be attending school at Colorado State University.

Because he wants to empower us a bit to take care of our own lives, he said that he would provide the funding for the home that he buys, but he wants us to be involved heavily in finding the home. Since we’re teenagers, and have never purchased our own house before, we needed a bit of guidance from him on the steps to take. So, he came up with a list of five things to do, which are detailed below for us to do.

1. Read more about the Fort Collins area. More importantly, where is the best place for students to live, and why? We thought, naturally, that students would want to live close to campus. The benefits? Riding your bike to campus, and being able to enjoy everything without parking on campus, which we read can be an absolute pain.

2. Find something that has one to two more bedrooms than what we need. This is mainly because if we have one or more rooms to rent, then we have the ability to cover a bit of the mortgage payment and create a bit more money for ourselves.

3. Find a realtor. This was something that we needed a bit of help with, because this is probably the most important step. We’ve never worked with a realtor before, and don’t know what to look for. So, we asked our Dad for a bit of help. After a ton of research and speaking to several companies, we chose to go with Brad Sawatzky, who specializes in residential Real Estate in Fort Collins. We have spoken with Brad a couple of times, and let him know that we have a while to find a home since we’ll be living in the dorms our freshman year.…

Hello, and welcome to Parking Judge. We like to judge all things. Some people would call what we do ‘reviewing’, but we like to call it judging. We’ve been judged our entire lives, and want to make sure we return the favor wherever we go!

This ain’t meant to be done in a bad way, so don’t take it like that.

First, Morgan and I just visited Colorado State University, where we both enrolled as Freshman for the fall 2015 semester. We have been sick and tired of living in Scottsdale for a while, so we thought Colorado would be a cool place to get away from the hot as balls temperature, and be able to learn how to snowboard while getting an education.

So, after being in Fort Collins with our family for a few days, here’s our initial review”

1. There’s not many college kids here at the moment, or at least not many on campus. From what we can tell, people here are pretty frickin cool, and we here ‘The Fort’ is a progressive city, which is what both of us are looking for. When we went out for most of our meals, we did get the hippie vibe, so we felt welcomed immediately.

2. This place is amazingly picturesque. Here’s a picture below that I took from the top of Horsetooth reservoir, which is West of CSU’s campus. The football stadium, which we here will no longer be the football stadium in a couple years, is just below the reservoir. We went on a little hike here and I was blown away by the beauty of it.

This is standing over a ledge, of which there were many on our hike. The reservoir extends about 3 miles along the top of Fort Collins and is pretty cool to look at.

We’ve been in Fort Collins going to school since late August here at Colorado State University, and since we’ve been getting acclimated to University life, neither of us have had much time to post much of anything since we started as freshmen living in Westfall Hall, which is one of the towers at CSU.

Going to college is tough enough as it is. Between all the demands on our schoolwork, Morgan and I have been inundated with trying to keep up with homework, going to class, searching for a home to live in next year, and all the while trying to maintain a shred of normalcy and meet some friggin people.

This last weekend was homecoming weekend, so Mom and Dad flew in from Scottsdale for the weekend to see campus, go to the football game, and pamper us a bit. They insisted that we have a nice dinner while they were here, and they even wanted to take some of our new friends out with us. Dad likes to break out the credit card a bit when he’s here, and loves to treat people to a nice meal. Since he offered, we went out to a nice dinner at Biaggi’s, which is in the Loveland mall. Mom wanted to do some shopping before hand, so we chose to go there instead of going somewhere just off campus in Old Town.

The football game was fun, but Mom got a little sick during the game, so they both left early and went back to the Armstrong Hotel, where they both were staying so they could get some rest before we went out to the Melting Pot for a nice family dinner on Saturday night. During dinner, Dad informed us that he would pay for our summer vacations to France if we got our grades up above a 3.5 for both semesters in our freshmen year. I’m currently at about a 3.9 (I’ve been studying my butt off), and Morgan’s sitting at about a 3.4, so he’s going to have to pick it up a bit.

His judgement of how we are living our college lives is pretty good at the moment. We don’t really like to drink much, call it a lesson learned from watching our Uncle Rick (our Dad’s brother) survive multiple relapses with alcoholism, and it being in our face pretty much all the time growing up. Dad had to be there for Rick emotionally and physically at times to help him deal with all the BS that he was going through getting sober, so Morgan and I don’t like to be around alcohol too much. My Mom enjoys a glass of wine with dinner just about every night, but she sticks with one, saying that a glass of Red wine per day is good for her. I don’t disagree, and I might get into beer or wine without getting very heavy into it hopefully. That gene is certainly in our family, so we have to be very careful how we tread around alcohol.…

Since the July 4th Holiday just took place this last Saturday, Morgan and I discussed reviewing what we feel to be the right way to light off Fireworks.

Basically, everyone in any city (if your city is big enough), can go to a Fireworks show, and watch some pretty cool stuff happen after big balls of arranged gunpowder are exploded in the air. OR, you can go buy your own Fireworks and light them off yourself. The video below is an independent video from Hoboken, NJ, so if you live in NYC or the surrounding areas, this is what you could have seen this past Saturday…

That is an absolutely fantastic show, and something that each and every person should see once in their life (at least Fireworks in a big city).…

You know we’re from Cleveland right? If you didn’t know that About Us, well, now you know. That means that we’ve both been beaten down by several years of not winning a major sports championship. We weren’t actually alive in 1964 when the Browns won the last league wide title for a Cleveland sports team. This was 3 years before the Super Bowl was created, so there’s some that don’t even think this was legit, even though it certainly was.

The Browns won three championships in the ’50’s, but the Indians haven’t won a World Series since 1948.

Point being, if you are a major sports fan, and you’re from Cleveland, you’re either very depressed or have completely withdrawn from believing that one of our teams can actually win a title.

With the fact that LeBron James basically carried the Cavs to almost winning the NBA championship this year, we got a taste again of what it could be like, watching the Warriors celebrate on our home floor at Quicken Loans Arena. So close again, and not so far away, because if the Cavs had been healthy this time, most people think we would have had a much better shot at winning.

SO, as a result, we’re very interested in what’s going on right now in NBA Free Agency. Here’s a quick review, and some judgements about what players and teams have done so far.

(Disclaimer: this story could change very quickly, as the Free Agency period started about 48 hours ago, and the most important player in the world, LeBron James, hasn’t signed his contract yet.)

  • The Cavs re-signed Kevin Love to a max contract.
    • Our take on this is that they need him to be the best team in the NBA. The Cavs were at their best when Love was on the court last season, according to this article (courtesy ESPN)
  • This Lamarcus Aldridge saga is just getting dumber and dumber by the moment, but we can probably thank the media for that. He met with the Lakers, who said that they thought the meeting went well, only to hear that Aldridge was less than impressed with them, and now they are meeting a second time.
    • Our take: We bet he signs with the Spurs anyway, who are¬†apparently the front runner to do so
  • Teams are throwing money around like it’s going out of style. Demarre Carroll gets 4 years and 60 million smackers? Amazing what one good year can do to your value. I bet he has a terrible year in 2015-2016 now that he has all that guaranteed money in his pocket.
    • Our take: This happens all the time, every year in every sport. Teams reach for a good player hoping that they will cash in and said player will lead them to the playoffs and ultimately a championship. But it ain’t gonna happen for teams like the Raptors, Hawks, and Knicks.

Our prediction for the next 1-2 weeks:

  • Lebron James re-signs with the Cavs.